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About Us
We dedicate to the tailored logistic solution for your trade fairs. Our expertise helps you to reach each corner of the world with the penetration of our network. The passionate team and our experience, reliable agents can satisfy your unique de mand worldwide. Our agents penetrate over 30 countries and regions throughout the world. Our experience fully dedicates to the logistics of trade fair, which include custom clearance, warehousing, point-to point distribution, on-site service. O ur commitment is the punctuality, safety, and real-time tracking throughout the delivery. Commitment forges our expertise.

To offer our customers professional logistic service.
We pay attention to the details in the logistics of the trade fair, and always pursue improvement to drive your success.

To help the growth of each employee along with the development of the company. We value each individual as an innate part of the team, strive to support their growth, and encourage self-realization as well as the contribution.

Integrity is the footstone of our management and competition. Commitment is the tradition out of our history of hard-workin
g.Preciseness is the soul to ensure our sustainable development. Efficiency is the philosophy for us to leap from good to

Shanghai Bridge-Link International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Address: Rm.530, 28th Building, No. 140 of Tianlin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China. Post Code: 200233
Tel: +86- 021-64567386 Fax: +86- 021-64566601
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: 09:00 am --- 06:00 pm /Monday --- Friday

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